Account Application

Application and proposal to open an account for the supply of vehicles on hire (self-drive and chauffeur driven) and other related services subject to PCS' terms of appointment.

1 Company Details
2 Contact Details
3 Trade References
4 Application Terms

1 - Company Details

*Company Name:
*Address 1:
*Address 2:
Address 3:
Address 4:
*Post/Zip Code:
*Company Registration Number:
*VAT Registration Number:

2 - Contact Details

Same details as '1 - Company'?:
*Accounts Contact Name:
*Invoice Address 1:
*Invoice Address 2:
Invoice Address 3:
*Invoice Address 4:
*Invoice Country:
*Invoice Post/Zip Code:
*Accounts Phone:
Accounts Fax:
*Accounts Email:

Invoicing Details

Transport Reservation Details: Do you require purchase order numbers/reservation references, etc? If so, please provide details of the information you require to be displayed on invoices to you:

3 - Trade References

*Trade Ref 1:
*Trade Phone 1:
*Trade Ref 2:
*Trade Phone 2:

4 - Application Terms

The Applicant hereby applies for a credit account with PCS and to appoint PCS to provide chauffeur and transport services upon PCS terms of trade and appointment (“Terms”). The Applicant confirms that it has read and accepts the Terms. The Applicant acknowledges that there will be no contract with PCS unless and until PCS accepts the Applicant’s proposal. Any acceptance by PCS will be at the place and time at which PCS approves this application. I am duly authorised to sign this application on behalf of the Applicant.

* By checking the tick box I hereby agree to the above declaration:
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